The Legacy Chess Academy is a home for learning the art of playing chess and pursuing personal goals.

At the Academy, We Take Dreams and Ideas and turn them into Reality.

 The game of chess teaches the value of patience, discipline, creativity, focus, and preparation. The Legacy Chess Academy is based upon these values. In its inception, the club had a simple, but effective, idea to bring people together with this universally known board game to have fun and learn together.

The club grew quickly as participants learned that interest lies within the competition. Over time, more was added to the club offerings. Hence, the Legacy Academy was created in Henrico and Glen Allen, Virginia.

The goal of the academy is to expand our walls to reach outside of the local areas and become more nationally recognized. This goal can be realized with support from our families and partnerships.

Legacy Chess offers a variety of activities throughout the year.
Included in the selections are the following:

logo-300x300Club Meetings

We hold weekly club meetings held in several locations.

Legacy Chess Academy oversees the Henrico and Glen Allen chess clubs as well as school sponsored chess clubs.


  • Tournaments are hosted several times a month. These tournaments can be unrated or USCF (United States Chess Federation) rated.  We provide scholastic and adult events.  
  • The academy offers a wide range of tournament formats in order to appeal to the playing style of our members and the community.  

Private Lessons

  • Private lessons are offered by members of Legacy Chess. We teach beginners and experienced players.
  • Beginners are taught the fundamentals of chess. This includes, but is not limited to, the history of chess, how pieces move, openings, mid-game, end-game, etc.
  • Experienced players learn the lines of the openings they play. They are taught higher level tactics and ideas they have yet to see. They are provided the opportunity to face stronger opponents and learn how to care for their body and mind when playing chess.

We hope that you can assist us in pursuing these goals through financial sponsorship, in-kind donation or volunteer mentorship.

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