We do it all!

Interested in offering a chess class at your location?


We provide the materials (Chess sets, clocks, books, display board, etc.)

We provide the instructor – Trained to not only teach chess, but to pay keen attention to each students development needs and act accordingly.

We provide the best service! We encourage suggestions and ideas to make sure your students have the best experience possible.

The standard class schedule operates once a week for one hour. In this time students learn everything from the fundamentals of the game to lessons in respecting your opponent, how to think critically and learning to share and exchange ideas with other students.

Why Choose Legacy Chess?



1.Here at Legacy Chess Academy we are dedicated to educating students as individuals and not just as a class. Our instructors are trained to pay close attention to each student and discover how each person learns best.

2.  At the end of each session students will receive an evaluation sheet sharing what the students have learned including strengths and opportunities for improvement. At LCA our classes are not pass/fail, but rather an opportunity to celebrate our strengths and improve our weakness, building a plan to make steady improvements together.

3. Legacy Chess Academy is dedicated to teaching how lessons in chess can be used in everyday life.

Chess provides a fun and educational experience fostering the necessary cognitive and intuitive thinking skills that students need to build a brighter future.