Chess in Richmond, VA

When we first started Legacy Chess Academy almost four years ago, we had THE MOST difficulty with starting chess programs. The enthusiasm for chess just wasn’t apparent in Central, VA like it is in Northern Virginia and Maryland. When we searched for USCF (U.S. Chess Federation) Tournaments they were few and far between. If we wanted to compete we either had to host one ourselves or make the two hour drive North. Fortunately there are a few clubs in the area with some very strong and knowledgeable players who are all more than willing to help others grow…but we can do better than just a few!

When I was growing up in Maryland, I always had Chess to look forward to whether it be because I had nothing else to do or because I was itching to prove myself in a big tournament. Almost every day of the week there are either tournaments and casual games being played. These opportunities kept me busy, I was able to meet tons of different people, It kept my mind sharp, and of course I always had a great time.

Even when I lost I was happy to be right where I was. The beauty to me was being surrounded by friends, coaches, and mentors who are eager to look over your games with you and offer their advice. “Ah, I see what you were trying to do there, but next you have to watch out for these double attacks.” “Let me show you how I would have played here” “Great game! You almost had him, check out this book to sharpen your endgame.”

It is through these experiences from childhood that sit in the back of my mind that I want to be available to the youth growing up here in Central Virginia. We are incredibly satisfied with how far Legacy Chess Academy has come and we are even more excited for where we are headed! Let’s spread the word!

Happy New Year fellow Chess Enthusiasts!

The Legacy Chess Team would like to thank all of our supporters and welcome you to 2018!! We are incredibly excited for this coming year as we are preparing for classes. Let’s kick off this year strong!


Please reach out to us if you would like to sign up for the after-school programs at your school or for any questions you might have. 


Southside Regional Governor’s School Camp

I had an absolute blast working at the Southside Regional Governor’s School Camp! I had the opportunity to represent Legacy Chess Academy offering one of the activities available to the students. Words cannot describe how wonderful this experience was and how great the students were, I just know that they will all move on to do tremendous things!



Chess Club at Central Montessori

After a heartwarming amount of positive feedback from Central Montessori School, devoted member Richard Martin and myself were welcomed back to lead another eight weeks of fun filled chess instruction and activity! Ending the year on a high note, 9 students took on founder Corey Hancock in individual simul matches. Each student took home a medal that serves as a reminder of their participation in the chess program.

Our mission at Legacy Chess Academy does not end with those already familiar with the game. We pride ourselves in reaching out to children in our community. As we are aware, children are often reluctant to try different activities when their peers are not noticeably participating. We have received a great amount of positive feedback from parents and grandparents in relations to having activities that solely benefits children learning chess with others in their age range. On and off the board, we strongly believe chess is a game that provides a substantial amount of lessons that can be applied in many life situations.

– JaVonne Bowles