Our Chess Flyers!

Our Chess flyers! Help us spread the word by sharing copies with anyone who wants to learn about chess or how to improve their game. Half the excitement belongs to bringing people to together for the opportunity to share ideas and play!



Legacy Chess Flyer

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Introducing Legacy Chess Academy

The Legacy Chess Academy is envisioned to be a home for chess and growth. It is about taking dreams and ideas and turning them into reality. This game teaches everything you need to know about achieving your goals. The values of patience, discipline, creativity, focus, and preparation. It is with these values that The Legacy Chess Academy is being built. In the beginning stages, we were known as the Henrico Chess Club with a simple but effective idea to bring people together with this universally known board game to have fun and learn together. Shortly after starting we developed a strong following and decided to take it to the next level by hosting unrated tournaments. Our club grew quickly as we learned that interest lies within the competition. As weeks passed and more lessons were learned, we started adding more to the club’s resume. We started offering private lessons, classes, USCF (US Chess Federation) rated tournaments, we released a monthly newsletter, held meetings twice a week and developed a clear ambition to promote chess and teach the lessons within the game. This ambition is what lead to The Legacy Chess Academy. Now we are aiming even higher and seek to not only continue to add to our list of resources, but to expand outside of Henrico and share what we have learned everywhere.